Our Purpose

To provide an environment of excellence that encourages the development of each and every student to his or her full potential, in sports performance, education, personal development and in preparation for life.

To be a hotbed of talent development. To train and produce champions. To develop leaders and positive contributors to society.

Coaching Philosophy

At TGSE our coaching philosophy is based on treating each player as an individual, with unique characteristics and attributes. We train skills first, while guiding the player to find their own optimum route to mastery. While we believe in the use of the fundamentals, we use a wide range of both traditional and innovative ways of achieving the best golf for our players. We continue to learn from each of our players and remain open to all avenues of improvement and learning. Professional golf is becoming far more than just talent and technique, and we at TGSE aim to stay at the forefront of the evolution of golf coaching”.

Training Philosophy

The TGSE training philosophy centres around training the key Performance Skills required for mastery. We believe that every skill can be trained given the right learning attitude, work ethic, guidance and learning environment. Skills-focused training gets to the heart of each player’s needs and puts performance ahead of aesthetics, ensuring accelerated learning.

We also follow the principles of Long Term Player Development, training juniors in different ways at each stage of development.

We provide holistic training in all of the following areas;

  • Skills Training
  • Technique
  • Golf Fitness
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Course Strategy

Further factors that we evaluate include:

  • Equipment
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Tournament Preparation