“I run most of the operations at the Golf Club, which includes; Management of Staff, running events and functions, overseeing golf days, keeping control of all stock both coming in to the club and then being distributed, applying good marketing techniques to help further the club to greatness. The best part of my job is seeing a smile on a happy satisfied customers face, and on the faces of my staff.

TGSE helped me understand the fundamentals of how to run a Golf Business/Club. It taught me many valuable techniques and skills needed to be able to succeed in the golf industry. The best things for me about my time at TGSE were being able to receive the best coaching for my golf, and to receive the best educational platform to help me along my golf industry career.

I think the key to my success has been that I always give my all in everything I do. I worked extremely hard to be where I am today and it took a lot of time and effort, and a lot of sacrifices along the way but in the end it was worth it. I also think it is because I treat everybody with respect and dignity and equality.”

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