I’m currently in charge of sourcing, buying and ranging of all accessories (all products except clothing and hardware) for The Pro Shop retail group (all 9 stores). Responsibilities include planning buying strategy, managing and planning budgets for monthly spend, constantly improving buying strategy to run portfolio lean and profitable, monthly line reviews and detailed item analysis, weekly portfolio pricing to keep competitive locally and internationally, product and service negotiations, planning and running promotions monthly and annual sales as well as communication and control of portfolio to nine stores locally, maintaining a world class and consistent experience throughout. My previous position was as Golf Director at Euphoria Golf Estate.

From my 10 years’ experience in the golf industry TGSE is by far the leading institute, all staff actually care about every single student’s future and will go out of their way to help you succeed. TGSE is well known in the industry and everyone knows that if you have attended TGSE you are a better candidate. To me the best part was having the leading person in his field giving lectures and them not treating us like a student only, you become a friend. These relationships are the most important thing I got as I still call on them from time to time.

My advice to current students would be to use every minute at TGSE to the best of your abilities. Every piece of knowledge provided by TGSE is key to your personal success. The reality is that golf is currently stagnant, opportunities are scares and not all of us make it on tour (although that is the dream), you have to be better than the guy next to you applying for the same role and if you apply yourself every hour of every day spent at TGSE you will be.

The key to my success so far is that I try to learn as much as I can from everything I do, this knowledge has grown my confidence within the industry and has allowed me to move up quickly. In the current golf industry if you are not willing to constantly learn and better yourself you will be left behind.