The key to my success, is building relationships, not only with employers, but with customers. And never say no. If you need to work longer hours or harder than everyone else, DO IT!! In dealing with customers, be sure to manage their expectations. Never over promise and under deliver!

TGSE enabled me to follow my passion by giving me a solid platform that prepared me to take on the golf industry. They were not only theory based, but provided me with practical experience. So I knew what I was getting myself into.

If you are considering getting into the golf industry, TGSE is a great platform, because you can not only do your PGA Diploma, but you can build long lasting relationships. It will prepare you for what is ahead of you. In all aspects of the golf industry, from running a shop, to coaching on the range. Anything you require in the golf industry TGSE will prepare you.

Current TGSE students; this is your time to learn and grow within yourself. The TGSE team is there to help you, if you show them you are there to be serious, they will be serious with you. You will get out, exactly what you put in. It isn’t easy to find a job, so start making relationships right now! If you go play somewhere, be sure to introduce yourself to the head pro, thank them for your golf. Everyone needs to start somewhere. Why wait?

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